San Diego Smooth Dancers

Shawn TorgersonShawn Torgerson

Shawn has been dancing for longer than he cares to admit. He has been teaching in San Diego since 1995. His interest in dance began with break-dancing in Junior High School and hip-hop in High School. One day, he walked into a dance studio in Albuquerque looking for a gig as a photographer for dance events. In a matter of weeks, he had achieved Bronze level certification and was teaching beginning level classes.

Shawn attributes his quick learning of ballroom to his body isolation training from break-dancing. Dance For 2 is his dream! He established his studio in 2005, and three short years later it had grown so much that he needed a bigger studio! Shawn packed up and moved everyone to Clairemont Mesa Blvd in October of 2008. Social dancing is the primary focus of Dance For 2! Once you know the steps, the point is to get on the floor and dance!